Choosing the right business college can be difficult. It seems that every college and university has different business college majors with it’s own set of business college classes. So how do you choose? It is important to do research, visit several colleges and ensure that the business college courses align with your desired career.

Business College 

Are you looking for a business college in Wichita? There are several business colleges in Wichita such as Wichita State University’s Barton School of Business, Friends University’s business college, Newman University’s business school and WSU Tech’s business college. At a business college in Wichita, KS you may find business majors such as Accounting, Finance, Business Administration and Business Management, Marketing, International Business, Business Communications, Real Estate and Human Resources Management. Students also have the option of getting a Bachelors of business or an associate of business. Bachelors degrees typically take around 4 years to earn while associate degrees average around 2 years.

 Associate of Business 

As stated above an associate of business is typically a two year program. An associate of business may be earned by taking on campus classes or online business courses. Common online business classes found in a two year business program are micro and macro economics, accounting, intro to business, marketing, and professional communications. What can an associate of business do for you? Having degree in business can help give individuals the knowledge to succeed in their current career or pursue a new one. It can also set students up to continue on to a 4 year university to earn their bachelor’s degree. At Wichita Area Technical college we offer 4 different business programs some that are 2 year programs including Administrative Office Technology, Business Administration, Operations Management and, the newest addition, IT Essentials. Students interested in continuing on to a university after attending WSU Tech may also choose to do our Shocker Pathway. Students get started by taking a majority of their coursework at WSU Tech at WSU Tech tuition and transfer to WSU to finish a small amount of credit hours and are awarded an associate of arts from Wichita State University. Although the awarded degree is not an associate of business, students can still pursue a business degree with and associates of arts.

 Associate in Business Management  

An associate in business management or ,also known as, an associate in business administration is a business degree that emphasizes management throughout it’s course work. Business management courses included in an associate in business management provide students training in the areas of accounting, marketing, management, economics and finance. At WSU Tech the two-year business degree prepares students for career opportunities as department and division managers, product managers, production line supervisors, assistant store managers and entry-level banking and sales representatives. Students can do online business management courses as well to earn their associate in business management.