Paying For College Is Possible


Pell Grant — A Federal Grant that is awarded based on need. To determine eligibility, students must complete the FAFSA – This is money that in most cases does not have to be paid back.  Contact Financial Aid, 316.677.9400, for more information about this grant.


WSU Tech offers program specific scholarships. Along with institutional scholarship; WSU Tech is pleased to offer industry supported scholarships from Airbus, Delta Dental, Grainger, Snap On Industries, Soroptimist, Spirit Aerosystems, and more. You can view and apply for WSU Tech scholarships at

The state of Kansas currently has many scholarship opportunities for WSU Tech students including the Kansas Vocational Scholarship, the Nursing Service Scholarship, and the Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship. You can also search the National Scholarship Database:


Direct Loans — A Federal Direct Loan is a loan that must be repaid. Students must be enrolled in at least six credit hours per semester to receive these loans. To determine eligibility, students must complete the Free Application for Student Aid at Contact Financial Aid, 316.677.9400, for more information about these loans.

Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) — A PLUS loan is a loan a parent can apply for to help with their child’s educational costs. This loan must be repaid and is the parents’ responsibility. To determine eligibility, parents must go to, to complete the PLUS application and pre-approval.  If you need assistance, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 316.677.9400.

Private Loans – Private loans are another option for students who need assistance. Private educational loans are approved/denied based on the student’s credit score. It is highly suggested that the student apply with a cosigner. The private education loan options for students at WSU Tech are listed below; however, students may also apply with any other private loan company or bank they wish to use. Please contact the Financial Aid office at 316.677.9400 with questions.

WSU Tech Payment Plan

WSU Tech offers a payment plan as an option. The WSU Tech payment plan allows students to pay for tuition in monthly installments when enrolled in programs for fall, spring and summer.

No interest or finance charges are assessed, but a down payment is due at the time of application for the payment plan, plus a non-refundable enrollment fee of $30 per semester. WSU Tech accepts cash, check, money order, MasterCard and Visa. The remaining balance will be divided into monthly payments, due on the fifth day of each month.

Note: Certificates and degrees will not be awarded until payment is made in full.

What Students Need to Know About the WSU Tech Payment Plan:

• Students are responsible for the full amount of tuition, fees, materials and other charges on their account that are deferred unless they officially drop and/or withdraw within the refund period (see catalog, student handbook or the Web site).

• Failure to attend classes or lack of attendance does not constitute an official drop. Students are still responsible for the full amount of tuition and fees.

• Any financial aid (Pell grant, scholarships, student and/or parent loans, etc.) that is subsequently awarded will be applied toward any remaining deferred amount before students receive any financial aid proceeds.

• Students must notify the business office of any added courses or pay for additional courses by the due date on the tuition statement.

• A nonrefundable $30 per semester enrollment fee and a required down payment (25 or 50 percent, depending on when enrolled) is due at the time of application for the payment plan.

• For any changes, students must contact WSU Tech’s business office.

• Students may not be able to register for classes if there are any outstanding balances on their accounts. Accounts may be turned over to collections if not paid.

  • For additional information concerning the Payment Plan, please contact the Business Office at 316.677.9400


The Earned Income Tax Credit provides a much-needed financial helping hand for Americans who work hard to make ends meet. The Child Tax Credit is a credit that may reduce your tax by as much as $1,000 for each of your qualifying children.  Education tax credits can help offset the costs of education. The American Opportunity (Hope Credit extended) and the Lifetime Learning Credit are education credits you can subtract in full from the federal income tax, not just deduct from taxable income. Please click here to learn more about each tax credit.



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