Following is a list of eligible general education courses at WSU Tech to earn 50 credit hours for transfer to WSU. Once 50 general education credit hours have been earned at WSU Tech, take an additional 15 general education hours at WSU to complete your Associate of Arts degree. Questions? Click here to contact an admissions counselor to get started.

Foundation Courses at WSU Tech (12 credit hours)
Complete all of the following: Complete one of the following:
Course Credits Course Credits
ENG101- Composition I 3 MTH112- College Algebra 3
ENG120- Composition II 3 MTH113- Trigonometry 3
SPH101- Public Speaking 3

Start at WSU Tech with these 50 general education credit hours

Fine Arts and Humanities Courses at WSU Tech (12 credit hours)
Select 4 classes from at least 3 of the following disciplines:
Course Credits Course Credits
ART 100- Art Appreciation 3 PHL110- Ethics 3
ENG110- Introduction to Literature 3 PHL115- Logic 3
HIS110- US History to 1877 3 REL101- Intro to New Testament 3
HIS120- US History since 1865 3 SPH111- Interpersonal Communication 3
HIS130- World History 3  THR100 – Theatre Appreciation  3
Social and Behavioral Sciences Courses at WSU Tech (12 credit hours)
Select 4 classes from at least 3 of the following disciplines:
Course Credits Course Credits
CRJ101- Intro to Criminal Justice 3 PSY101- General Psychology 3
ECO105- Principles of Macroeconomics 3 PSY110- Child Psychology 3
ECO110- Principles of Microeconomics 3 PSY120- Developmental Psychology 3
POL101- American Government 3  SOC101- Principles of Sociology 3
SOC115- Social Problems 3
Math and Natural Sciences at WSU Tech (11 credit hours)
Select 3 classes from at least 2 of the following disciplines:
Course Credits Course Credits
BIO110- Principles of Biology 5 CED115- Computer Applications 3
BIO120- Environmental Biology 3 PHS110- Physical Science 5
BIO150- Human Anatomy and Physiology 5 PHS115- Astronomy 5
BIO160- Microbiology 5 PHS120- General Physics I 5
CHM110- General Chemistry 5 PHS125- General Physics II 5
CHM125- Chemistry I 5 MTH120 – Elementary Statistics 3
CHM135- Chemistry II 5 MTH125- Calculus I 5

Complete your Associate of Arts degree at WSU

You will select 15 general education credit hours from the discipline you choose to study to complete your AA degree from WSU. Please meet with your WSU Academic Advisor to determine the best plan for you.

There is a growing list of courses approved by the Kansas Board of Regents for guaranteed transfer among all Kansas public postsecondary institutions. Visit for more information.


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