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What is dual credit?
Dual credit classes allow students to earn high school and college credit at the same time.
Where will I take my class?
Dual credit classes are taught at the partnering high school, during regular class periods. Dual credit students do not leave their high school campus.
Who is the teacher?
The high school teacher is the instructor. High school instructors, who are hired by WSU Tech to teach a dual credit class, must have the necessary credentials to teach at the college level.
Is WSU Tech accredited?
WSU Tech is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.
Where will my courses transfer?
Most General Education courses are part of the Kansas Board of Regents Seamless Transfer System and are guaranteed to transfer to public Kansas colleges and universities.
What is the tuition rate?
High school students pay a special tuition rate of just $75 per credit hour. This tuition rate applies only to high school students, and they are eligible for this price thru the summer following their senior year of high school.
Do I have to pay extra fees?
No. All registration and student fees are waived for dual credit students except for online fees. If students choose to take a course online, they will be charged the online fee.
Do I have to purchase books?
Most dual credit classes do not require that books be bought by the student. Please check with the appropriate instructor regarding the status of books.
Do dual credit students have to be admitted to the college?
Yes. Dual credit students must meet admission guidelines for the college and earn acceptable ACT or Accuplacer scores for general education courses. Testing dates will be scheduled with the high school as needed.
What is the process for enrollment?
WSU Tech personnel visit each dual credit classroom to distribute and collect enrollment forms and tuition.
Who can I contact at WSU Tech with questions about my dual credit class?
If students or parents have questions about their dual credit class, they can contact:

Jena Roth
Associate Dean, High School Partnerships & Community Outreach

What are the options for payment?

WSU Tech accepts cash, check, money order, MasterCard and Visa.

WSU Tech also offers a payment plan. This information is included in the packet that is sent home with students enrolled in dual credit classrooms.

Questions about payment can be directed to:

Denise Varrientos
Director, Business Office

What is the last day that I can withdraw from my dual credit class?
Check the course schedule online for the withdrawal date.
If I decide second semester that I would like college credit for a first semester course (i.e., Composition I) in which I was not enrolled, may I enroll retroactively?


If I move out of the area and cannot complete my dual credit class, what should I do?
You must fill out a WSU Tech Add/Drop Form, which you may get from the WSU Tech “Forms page”. Failure to drop will result in a grade of “F” on your transcript.
Will earning college credits while in high school have any effect on college scholarship possibilities?
It could. For example, at some colleges, if you have earned 12 college credits, your college GPA rather than your high school GPA will be used in awarding scholarships. It is also possible that your scholarship or financial aid could be impacted if you drop/withdrawal from dual credit classes. For further information, contact the Financial Aid office of the college or university you plan to attend.
How do I look up my final grades and order my transcript?
Transcripts can be ordered by going to the WSU Tech Transcript Ordering Center.