High School Student FAQs

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What is dual credit?
Where will I take my class?
Who is the teacher?
Is WSU Tech accredited?
Where will my courses transfer?
What is the tuition rate?
Do I have to pay extra fees?
Do I have to purchase books?
Do dual credit students have to be admitted to the college?
What is the process for enrollment?
Who can I contact at WSU Tech with questions about my dual credit class?
What are the options for payment?
What is the last day that I can withdraw from my dual credit class?
If I decide second semester that I would like college credit for a first semester course (i.e., Composition I) in which I was not enrolled, may I enroll retroactively?
If I move out of the area and cannot complete my dual credit class, what should I do?
Will earning college credits while in high school have any effect on college scholarship possibilities?
How do I look up my final grades and order my transcript?

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