WSU Tech has been delivering excellence in education since 1965 with our original campus on 301 S. Grove. WSU Tech continues to build on this tradition with quality instructors, talented students and state-of-the-art technical equipment. Together, these elements help create a hands-on learning environment that promotes participation and prepares students for further education and/or career experiences.


The mission of WSU Tech is to provide quality higher education and leadership in workforce training that supports economic development for a global economy.


WSU Tech will be the leading provider of higher education, specializing in the delivery of career technical education, utilizing state of-the-art facilities with highly qualified faculty, and offering a competitive advantage that drives economic development in the region.


To achieve our vision and fulfill our mission, WSU Tech has embraced the following values:

  • Accountability: WSU Tech values the resources entrusted to it and will use them responsibly to support the college’s mission.
  • Quality: WSU Tech values an environment of professionalism and excellence for students, faculty,a