Administered by the U.S. Department of Education, the five-year Title III Strengthening Institutions grant was awarded to WSU Tech in 2015. The initiative, titled “Pathways to Success in Health Sciences” will broaden pathways to high-potential professions by expanding access to health science programs, and will strengthen targeted support services.  This grant will allow WSU Tech to implement three new programs over the lifespan of the grant. In addition, a new centralized Health Sciences Success Center (HSSC) will be developed to include access to collaborative workstations and a Medical Device Depot with resources for students practicing health science skills.

Title III Project Staff

Project Manager:  Sarah Leftwich

Health Sciences Support Specialist:  Michelle Wegner

Veterinary Tech Program Director:  Amanda Hackerott RVT

EMT Program Director:  Julia Vogt

Healthcare Simulation Tech Program:  Joe Crain

“WSU Tech is honored to receive this grant, which will help our efforts to become a world class college by enhancing our program opportunities for students in healthcare and expanding our outreach in student services and academic support services.  We are grateful to the Department of Education for recognizing WSU Tech’s strong commitment to building a more robust college for healthcare, strengthening our institution through continuous improvement in services for our students and building a diverse student body.”

Dr. Sheree Utash, President, WSU Tech