Students can apply for financial aid each year by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid beginning October 1st at www.FAFSA.gov.  Our priority processing deadline is July 15th for Fall semester, December 1st for Spring semester and April 15th for summer semester.  We recommend you complete your taxes before you complete the FAFSA, but do not let the priority deadline pass.  It is OK to use estimated income information to complete the FAFSA.  However, you must go back and update the FAFSA with actual tax data once your taxes are completed in order to receive a financial aid award letter.

Our school code for the FAFSA is: 005498.


Your financial aid funds will be disbursed (transferred to your student account) on your specified disbursement date(s). Typically there are two disbursements for a student attending both fall and spring semesters — one in the fall and one in the spring. These disbursements usually occur 30 days after the first day of class for that semester. If a student only attends one semester in the award year, their first disbursements will occur 30 days after the first day of class, and the second will occur at the midpoint of the semester. To find out what your exact disbursement date(s) will be, please contact Financial Aid, 316.677.9400.

All financial aid will be applied to the balance of your student account first (tuition, fees, etc.). However, if the amount of your financial aid is greater than the total of your charges, you will have what’s called a credit balance.  The business office will mail any credit balance to your address within 14 days after financial aid transfers your funds to the business office.

Example 1: Your total charges are $3,000, and your total financial aid award is $2,000 — you owe $1,000.

Examples 2: Your total charges are $3,000, and your total financial aid award is $5,000 — you have a credit balance of $2,000, and this amount will be mailed to you.

No, your financial aid will not automatically be canceled or expired. You will need to contact the financial aid office and complete the form ‘Request for FA Cancellation’.

All funds must be accepted or declined two business days prior to the end of the semester.

You should receive a revised award letter based upon your enrollment status or you completed a form requesting for a change in your financial aid based on additional awards or a change in the semesters you plan to attend WSU Tech.

Students will receive an email notification from the WSU Tech Financial Aid Office. The email is going to both the campus and personal email address on file. Once you receive the email, a direct link will take you to your myWSU Tech student portal where you will see your award letter.

Funds will be disbursed to WSU Tech according to the number of credit hours you are attending 30 days after your classes begin. Several things to keep in mind: if you are not attending 12 credit hours and are eligible for Pell grant then the grant amount will be reduced; if you are not attending a minimum of six credit hours student loan funds will not disburse; if you do not attend class, drop a class, or withdraw from college your financial aid may be decreased or canceled. Once the funds are disbursed to WSU Tech, the Business Office will post those funds to your myWSUTech account to pay your tuition, fees, and bookstore charges (if applicable) for the semester. When WSU Tech receives your funds, you will receive notification from the Financial Aid Office reminding you that you have 14 days in which to change your mind about using the student loan. If you change your mind, you will ne