Not sure who to contact? We can help!

Whether you are just getting started, need FAFSA assistance or a current student, we have someone to help answer your questions and guide you through the process.

The Financial Aid Office offers services 24/7 by calling 1-877-796-3840 or email us at

Financial Aid Staff are Available by walk-in, however, appointments may be made.

*Please arrive at least 30 minutes before close if visiting with financial aid staff.

WSU South8am-6pm8am-6pm8am-6pm8am-6pm9am-5pm
City Center8am-5pmClosed8am-5pm8am-6:30pm8am-3pm
Old TownClosed8am-5pmClosedClosedClosed

Financial Aid Staff

Need more information about your financial aid?  We’re here to help!  The Financial Aid staff will help you learn more about the process and can provide in depth information about your eligibility.  Have Veteran’s Benefits and don’t know how to get started?  The Financial Aid Office provides three Veteran’s Administration Certifying Officials at multiple campuses.  Please see below who to contact at each location.

Lacey Ledwich
Lacey Ledwich Director, Financial Aid - VA Certifying Official
316.677.9421 (NCAT)
Steve Enriquez
Steve EnriquezAssociate Director, Financial Aid - VA Certifying Official
316.677.1333 (South)
Rachel Touchatt
Rachel Touchatt Assistant Director, Financial Aid
316.677.1886 (NCAT)
Anna Kathagnarath
Anna KathagnarathSpecialist, Financial Aid
316.677.1073 (NCAT)
Ki-Arra Johnson
Ki-Arra JohnsonSpecialist, Financial Aid
316.677.1756 (NCAT)
Charis Stanley
Charis StanleySpecialist, Financial Aid and Veteran’s Services - VA Certifying Official
316.677.1872 (City Center, Old Town on Tuesdays)
Lynsey Shipman
Lynsey ShipmanSpecialist, Financial Aid
316.677.1981 (South)