We are looking for the GUTSY, the DRIVEN, the UNSTOPPABLE.  Those with GRIT, and GRACE.  If you are ENTHUSIASTIC, POSITIVE, HIGHLY MOTIVATED and INSPIRATIONAL we want you on our team.  We hire the EXCEPTIONAL.  We hire the DRIVEN.  We hire the KIND.  Because EVERY amazing student we serve deserves someone POSITIVE in their life, like YOU!

You’re probably expecting to read the standard boring stuff right now –who we are, what the job is, what you will do, what we offer for benefits, blah, blah, blah….. Nope, not yet.

Every day, we are DRIVEN by our mission of creating opportunities for our students to have a better life and to provide the best-trained workforce for community employers.

We do meaningful work. It all adds up to delivering exceptional service, regardless of what your job is. We work for our students and for each other. We do work that makes a difference for our team members and our students.

We have HIGHLY MOTIVATED people who work here, in every department & function. We’ve got GRIT and strive to give it our all 100% of the time, because we are of service. We serve our students and co-workers who deserve our best.

We are GUTSY!  We take calculated risks and try new things to eliminate barriers for students to learn a skill and get a great job.

We are UNSTOPPABLE.  The word is out that we offer opportunity!  Semester after semester we’ve broken student enrollment records.  This indicates that we’re doing something right and good.

Our employees love working here!  For 6 years in a row, we are a “Best Places to Work” for the city of Wichita.  We consider it an honor that our employees choose to work here and continue to make this a great place to work.

We could go on and on bragging what a great place WSU Tech is, but we know that you now want to work here too and you’re anxious to get to the application part of this process.

Just for fun, when you click on any of the jobs below you’ll see the standard job description & details for your reading pleasure. If you are AWESOME, please apply!