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ALH 101 Medical Terminology 3 Cr Hrs*

Presents basic principles of medical word-building. The study develops competencies in the basic elements forming medical words, categorizing major suffixes and group prefixes. Anatomical, physiological and pathological terms are reviewed so students better understand special medical procedures. This is the introductory course in medical terminology and is intended for all who desire knowledge in this subject.

ALH 105 First Aid & CPR 3 Cr Hrs*

This course is designed to show the student how to deal with respiratory emergencies that could lead to cardiac arrest, how to give first aid for cardiac emergencies, also to obtain knowledge for prevention and first aid treatment of common emergencies as outlined by The American Red Cross.

ALH 110 Principles of Nutrition 3 Cr Hrs*

Designed to help students increase their knowledge concerning their personal state of nutrition using self-studies and computer analysis. Upon completion of this course the student will be able to evaluate a person’s state of nutrition considering the impact of social, scientific, psychological, political, and environmental influences upon eating patterns and habits.

ALH 115 Pharmacology 3 Cr Hrs

This course will provide the basic pharmacology principles with an emphasis on a broad discussion of the primary medications in each of the pharmaceutical classification categories. This course is designed to meet the pharmacology needs of students enrolled in pre-allied health majors and would be beneficial for others in the allied health field who desire a greater understanding or pharmacological principles related to diseases, effects of drugs on different systems of the body, interaction of drugs, side effects, contraindications and effectiveness in relation to dosages.

ALH 130 Emergency Preparedness for Health Professionals 1 Cr Hrs

This course is designed to provide health care professionals with an orientation for their possible future roles in disaster response and the importance of staying within the scope of practice of the profession. Students will be prepared to meet the expectations of their employers, to volunteer effectively, and to be confident and safe responders.

ALH 131 Diseases, Disorders & Diagnostic Procedures  2 Cr Hrs

Course focuses on diseases and disorders by body systems that are frequently diagnosed and treated in the medical setting as well as the common diagnostic procedures used in the diagnostic process.

ALH 135 Spanish for Health Care Providers 1 Cr Hr

This workshop is designed to provide health care providers with basic and practical knowledge of the Spanish language as applied in the medical field. Students will be prepared to facilitate medical care delivery to their Spanish speaking clients. Emphasis will be placed on ability to communicate and develop a vocabulary according to the needs of each participant.

ALH 155 Pharmacology for Allied Health  3 Cr Hr

Focuses on knowledge and skills necessary for safe and therapeutic drug therapy. Emphasis is placed on drug identification and classification, pharmacological actions, side effects, as well as the legal and ethical considerations of pharmacology.

ALH 175 Pathophysiology  4 Cr Hr

This course focuses on the essential mechanisms of disordered function which produces common diseases. Common diseases are discussed, implementing examples of the basic processes covered. This is an introductory course that prepares students entering the medical field with accessible, useable and practical information.

PED 110 Lifetime Fitness 1 Cr Hr

Exposes students to facts about and experiences in dealing with motor, physical, physiological, psychological and nutritional aspects of the human being and the responsibility to maintain fitness during a life span.

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