Academic Student Concerns

Any student who wishes to pursue an instructional concern must exhaust the following options in sequence prior to petitioning the appropriate Academic Vice President (Examples of instructional or course concern are instructor behavior, class policies, and unfair expectations or demands.) Efforts are made by the college to resolve concerns at the lowest possible level.

  1. The student must meet with the instructor and attempt to resolve the problem. If no resolution:
  2. The student must state the concern in writing and meet with the Dean or Associate Dean. Departments may require specific documentation that the student will be responsible to obtain.  As a result of the meeting with the Dean or Associate Dean, action may or may not be taken.
  3. The appropriate Dean or Associate Dean will inform the student in writing of the final decision within ten (10) calendar days following the meeting.

If the student contests the Dean or Associate Dean’s action/decision, he/she must submit the request in writing to the appropriate Academic Vice President)  within ten (10) calendar days of the notice of the Dean or Associate Dean’s decision.  The request should include documentation of everything that the student wants considered in the decision. The Dean or Associate Dean may also submit written documentation and recommendations. The Academic Vice President will notify the student in writing of a decision within ten (10) calendar days.

If no resolution, a student may file a complaint with the President. The complaint must be