Skills USA Winners

Each year, WSU Tech  student representatives compete in Kansas SkillsUSA competitions with the hopes to making it to the national competition.  The main event took place in Hutchinson on Monday April 17 and  Tuesday April 18 with an award ceremony on Wednesday April 19.  There were 4 early competitions in Wichita on Saturday April 8 and in Kansas City on Tuesday April 11.

In 2016 WSU Tech set a record in number of medals received by one college with 22 medals earned. We are proud to announce that at the 2017 Kansas state competition WSU Tech students surpassed this record and walked away with 34 medals overall including, 14 gold medals, 16 silver medals and 4 bronze medals.

Sheree Utash, President WSU Tech, said “These are certainly stellar results that highlight the dedication, drive and determination of our students and their outstanding faculty that are providing advisoring, guidance, teaching and learning.  Congratulations to all students and their faculty!  We have a big group to go to Louisville!”

President Utash was also recognized as the SkillsUSA Kansas 2017 Postsecondary Administrator of the Year at the award ceremony on Wednesday April 19.

Help us congratulate the following students and their faculty advisors:

High School Competitions

Aviation Maintenance – Dawn Brown advisor

William (Doug) Metzger – GOLD

Ryan Detrick – SILVER

Gabbie Shetlar – BRONZE

Crime Scene Investigation – Matt Vogt and Denise Scribner advisors

(Team) Alison Parker, Abigail Fry, Victor Aquilera – GOLD

Criminal Justice – Matt Vogt advisor

Alexis Middendorp – GOLD

Katelyn Smith – SILVER

Peyton Leuci – BRONZE

Welding – Roger Attebury advisor



Architectural Design – Jeremy King advisor

Corey Small – GOLD

Harrison Kramer – SILVER

Automated Manufacturing Technology – Mike Corby and Jeremy King advisors

(Team) Ian Jones, Cory McMillan, Joseph Shaffer – GOLD

Auto Service Technology – Roy Lawhead advisor

Elias Nicholson – GOLD

Aviation Maintenance – Dawn Brown advisor

Benjamin Madison – GOLD

Jacob Kilpatrick – SILVER

Travis Cooley – Bronze

Crime Scene Investigation – Matt Vogt and Sherry Poe advisors

(Team) Kailyn Carter, Natalie Knapp, Brenda Pantoja-Reyes- SILVER

Criminal Justice – Matt Vogt advisor

Jacob Hall – GOLD

Kaitlyn Ayres – SILVER

Criminal Justice Quiz Bowl

(Team) Kailyn Carter, Jacob Hall, Natalie Knapp, Brenda Pantoja-Reyes- SILVER

HVACR – Trent Zortman advisor

Todd Blake – SILVER

Precision Milling – Mike Corby advisor

Tyler Thompson – GOLD

Joseph Shaffer – SILVER

Derek Dutton – Bronze

Technical Drafting – Jeremy King advisor

Cameron Simpson – SILVER

Welding – Herman Broodryk and Roger Attebury advisors

Welding Sculpture – Herman Broodryk advisor

Kris Kreger – GOLD

Richard Kathman – SILVER


SkillsUSA serves students enrolled in career and technical education training programs at our Kansas public high schools and colleges. The organization today has  75 school chapters , and serves more than 3,300 members annually. More than 142 instructors and administrators are professional members of SkillsUSA. Our members are known in their schools and communities as leaders and skilled professionals in training. (