Architectural Drafting – Jeremy King Advisor

James Spears – 7th Place

Automated Manufacturing – Michael Corby/Jeremy King Advisor

Team of Stephen Frazier, Benjamin Light, Jason Nelson – Bronze Medal 3rd place

Aviation Maintenance – Dawn Kealey Advisor

Ethan Coberly – 4th Place

David Tarleton – 6th Place

CNC Milling Specialist – Michael Corby Advisor

Steven Stewart – 5th Place

CNC Technician – Michael Corby Advisor

Gregory Patterson – 6th Place

Cale Wong – 16th Place

Crime Scene Investigation – Clint Cartwright/Crystal Simmons Advisor

Team of Sienna Carter, Simon Nguyen, Clayton Short – 29th Place

Criminal Justice – Clint Cartwright/Crystal Simmons Advisor

Mary Oyler – 4th Place

Technical Drafting – Jeremy King Advisor

Tyler McAndrews – 15th Place