WSU Tech offers a convenient way for you to receive free online tutoring through NetTutor.  NetTutor provides live tutoring in many subjects.  As you’re working on homework, we encourage you to take full advantage of online tutoring via NetTutor.  NetTutor tutors are available for live sessions and to answer submitted questions.  As a currently enrolled student at WSU Tech, you can connect with a tutor immediately.  All NetTutor tutors are highly qualified professional tutors, available anytime day or night.

Directions For Using NetTutor

  1. Login to Blackboard
  2. Select any class from “My Courses”
  3. Select “My Tutoring” in left column
  4. View the “NetTutor Demonstration” videos for first time users
  5. Click on “Start Tutoring Session”
  6. Select subject for tutoring