NCAT to Launch New Aviation Industry Talent Supply Chain

Since 2012, WSU Tech has been pleased to lead the The National Aviation Consortium (NAC), a four-year project funded by the U.S. Department of Labor to develop industry-standard aviation manufacturing training curricula. With the project nearing its completion, WSU Tech now seeks to build on NAC with expanded services to the industry.

The goal is to offer employers broader opportunities to source reliable talent from multiple markets.  WSU Tech is creating a centralized industry talent supply chain organization based at NCAT. Talent development programs will be expanded to support demand for production, management and supervisory roles.

Slated for market launch in late 2016, NCAT’s new talent supply chain organization will serve a a talent ‘demand’ group of industry associations and employers and a ‘supplier’ group of educational institutions, training organizations and certification providers.  Formal affiliation will be by membership and sponsorship programs.


Benefits That Matter

NCAT’s Talent Supply Chain organization will offer direct benefits to the aviation manufacturing and maintenance sectors, including:

  • “One-stop” talent sourcing from multiple markets for employers;
  • Manufacturing and maintenance talent development programs for the industry;
  • Membership growth for associations seeking to offer new talent fulfillment support to members;
  • Enrollment growth for educators via national demand for talent employers;
  • Help for small and medium sized employers seeking to strengthen talent fulfillment programs; and
  • Trust-based forums for sharing best practices in talent acquisition, recruiting and retention.

Employers, industry associations, certification providers and educators will find more information about NCAT’s Talent Supply Chain at:

Public-Private Partnership

The 224,000 sq. ft. facility will provide for significant growth capacity for students to engage in aviation and advanced manufacturing training along with strong FAA involvement and support.  The most unique partnership is the joining of Wichita State University’s National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) and WSU Tech to provide workforce training and specialized training as we combine research and training opportunities for our students and the aviation industry.

Teamed With National Institute for Aviation Research

NIAR LogoAt NCAT we will be able to grow our position as a global leader in aviation research through NIAR and provide flexible, business driven, high-tech training to meet future skilled workforce needs from WSU Tech.  Students will have the opportunity for hands on application and learning with research students as they develop new practices for the aviation industry.

“The National Center for Aviation Training will be a valuable asset to the Wichita aviation industry. We’re excited to be part of this unique partnership of training and research that will benefit not only WSU Tech and NIAR, but especially local aviation companies and the community.” – Dr. John Tomblin, Executive Director, NIAR