Transfer credits to Wichita State University

Students can start at WSU Tech and transfer credits to Wichita State University. We offer the Shocker Pathway as a new, seamless options to transition students from their associate of arts degree to a Bachelors degree.

Transfer to Wichita State

WSU Tech is part of the Kansas Board of Regents that allows students to transfer college credits to other state schools. If a student takes their general education classes at WSU Tech, they can then take those college credits and transfer to Wichita State.

Transfer credits community college to university

WSU Tech created the Shocker Pathway to act like a community college. This option works to transfer credits community college to university.

WSU transfer credits

WSU transfer credits are accepted at all Kansas public colleges and universities because of the Kansas Board of Regents. General education classes taken at a Kansas Board of Regents School are guaranteed to transfer to other KBOR schools.

How many credits transfer from community college to university

How many credits transfer from community college to university is dependent upon a couple of factors. If a student is taking program specific classes, they may transfer to WSU as electives. General education credits will transfer to WSU or any public state community college or university. It is always best for students to work with their advisors and advisors to ensure their credits transfer how they need them to.

The Kansas board of regents lists the classes that will transfer, as well as their transfer equivalency. This link lists the classes that are guaranteed to transfer.

 How to Transfer college credits

WSU Tech works with other schools to transfer college credits.  You can maintain credit for courses you have previously taken by transferring from community college, or university. General education classes are equivalent to other gen ed classes offered by another regents college, where other credits may transfer in as electives.

Transfer requirements

If you are thinking about transferring college credits, it is important to work closely with an advisor or advisor at both schools to ensure that you are progressing towards your degree. The Shocker Pathway allows students to be dual advised in order to avoid any confusion down the road. Transfer requirements vary by school, so it is important to start talking to both schools as early as you can.