When you think of WSU Tech, you probably don’t think of a community college. However, WSU Tech offers a lot of the same coursework as just about any typical community college in Kansas.

Two-year college in Wichita

WSU Tech is a two-year college that offers technical training and schooling in many different areas of study. We also offer the transferable general education coursework for anyone that is university-bound. Think of WSU Tech as your community college in Wichita, KS.

Earn your degree or certificate

Many of the same majors at community colleges are offered at WSU Tech. You can earn an associate of arts degree, a technical certificate or even a certificate of completion.

Online College

Inexpensive online college classes are one of our most affordable and most convenient ways to earn your degree. Many of our classes are available online.

Community College Programs

Many of our programs are nationally recognized and WSU Tech stands out as one of the best vocational colleges in the country.

Career and Technical Education

Whether you want to get your degree at a traditional university or  pursue a technical career, WSU Tech is a great place to start. With lower tuition rates and many books available as free, digital downloads, you’re sure to save money on your college costs and expenses.