GED Testing Rules

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The five tests of the GED are:

  1. LANGUAGE ARTS, WRITING (50 multiple-choice questions and essay, 120 minutes)
  2. LANGUAGE ARTS, READING (40 multiple-choice questions, 65 minutes)
  3. MATHEMATICS (50 multiple-choice and completion questions, 90 minutes)
  4. SCIENCE (50 multiple-choice questions, 80 minutes)
  5. SOCIAL STUDIES (50 multiple-choice questions, 70 minutes)

If it is your first test or if it has been three months since you last tested, you must attend a GED pre-registration and orientation session and pay fees prior to making an appointment for testing.

Please arrive 20 minutes before the test is scheduled to start. You must check in at the front counter. A Kansas driver’s license or Kansas I.D. is preferred for identification. If a military I.D. or passport is used, a second form of I.D. is required to prove residency; this is required for admittance to each testing session. Everyone will be checked into the examination room 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. You will not be allowed to test if you are not present at that time.

The minimum age for taking the GED Test is 18. To take the GED Test, a person who is 16 or 17 years of age must present a “Disclaimer from Compulsory School Attendance” form when he or she registers for the test. A parent or guardian must be present at this time to sign the verification forms.

The fee for the battery of five tests is $85.00. The fee is required in full prior to the time of registration. No personal checks will be accepted. There will be an additional $85 charge for re-testing. You have 90 days to complete all five tests of the GED exam. If you do not test for a period of 90 days or transfer from another center, you will have to pay an additional $85 fee. Anyone whose 90-day period has expired without completing all five tests must start again.

You have one year from the date of your first GED test to improve scores. After one year, you must start over in all five areas if you do not pass. Anyone scoring under the 420 minimum will have to take the OPT test again in that area before retesting GED.

To pass the GED Test, the State of Kansas requires a minimum standard score of 420 on each of the five tests; however, a 2,250-point total is required for the five tests, which calculates to an average score of 450.

The test results will need to be picked up from the testing center (with proof of ID) after all five parts of the test battery are completed. GED test scores cannot be reported over the telephone. Diplomas, which arrive approximately 6-8 weeks after testing is completed, will also need to be picked up from the testing center.

Everyone is required to pass the Official GED Practice Tests administered through a state-approved adult education program or GED Testing Center prior to taking the GED tests.

GED candidates will be required to remain seated until all examinees have completed testing. Any disruptive behavior during a test will result in immediate dismissal from the testing room. Scores for that test would be void with re-testing and additional fee payment required.

No one may use his or her own supplies. Pens, pencils and scratch paper will be furnished.

All purses, coats, and other materials will be placed on a coat rack in the test room before testing begins. Cell phones, pagers, and electronic devices should not be brought into the building. Candidates are responsible for their belongings in the test room.

Spanish editions of the GED Tests are available as are special accommodations for people with disabilities. Please contact our office (677-1951) for more information.
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