Office of Financial Aid Code of Conduct

A WSU Tech financial aid professional is expected to always maintain exemplary standards of professional conduct in all aspects of carrying out his or her responsibilities, specifically including all dealings with any entities involved in any manner in student financial aid, regardless of whether such entities are involved in a government sponsored, subsidized, or regulated activity. In doing so, the WSU Tech financial aid office will adhere to the following codes of conduct:

  • Lender List Guidelines
    The WSU Tech Lender List is based solely on the best interests of students and parents who may use the list and without regard to the financial interests of the college.
  • Lender Disclosures
    Students and parents have the right and ability to select a private lender of their choice, regardless of whether such lender appears on WSU Tech’s lender list.
  • Revenue Sharing
    The WSU Tech financial aid office will not accept anything of value from any lender in exchange for any advantage sought by the lender. Lenders will not be required or allowed to pay to be placed on WSU Tech’s l