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What is the WSU Tech HLC Steering Committee? 

The primary responsibility of the HLC Steering Committee is to guide the self-study process and oversee the development of the self-study document, serving as liaisons, leaders, and resources for all HLC committees.

The HLC Steering Committee is comprised of the college President, self-study coordinator, steering committee co-chairs and the five criterion subcommittee co-chairs. Sheree Utash, Vice President of Academic Affairs, provided leadership for the self-study process and served as the self-study coordinator.

In February 2012, the HLC Steering Committee co-chairs identified key instructors, staff, and administrators to serve on the Steering Committee and to chair each of the five criterion committees in preparation for the February 2014 site visit. The four co-chairs for each committee were represented by an instructor, dean, staff, and executive leader. At the February 2012 college In-Service, Steering Committee co-chairs, and Criterion co-chairs were introduced. The Steering Committee meets every month on the first Friday at NCAT in S210 to discuss projects, progress and goals for the re-accreditation process.

Steering Committee Co-Chairs
Sheree Utash, Self-Study Coordinator Vice President, Academic Affairs
Scott Lucas Director, Institutional Research, Institutional Effectiveness
Beth Buchholz Interim Associate Dean, Health Sciences
Denise Pfeifer Director, Grants
Public Relations & Education Committee Chairperson
Monica Stewart Instructional Designer
Criterion One: Mission
Joe Ontjes Vice President, Marketing & Student Services
Trish Schmidt Director, Instructional & Design Technology
David Young Associate Dean, Manufacturing Technology
Ron Ragon Instructional Designer
Criterion Two: Ethical and Responsible Conduct
Judy Mount Executive Director, Human Resources
Mike Edwards Dean, Manufacturing Technology
Willow Dean Registrar
Todd Kelley Lead Faculty, Business Administration
Criterion Three: Quality, Resources and Support
Joanne Pafume Lead Tutor, ASC/Faculty, QTTP
Pam Doyle Dean, General Education
Tara Canfield Instructional Designer
Linda Grossman Faculty/Program Coordinator, Allied Health & Lab Sciences
Criterion Four: Evaluation and Improvement
James Fly Executive Director for Employer Services and Advancement
Justin Pfeifer Dean of Students
Jan Wilson Director, Nursing Program
Pat Plank Director of Nursing
Criterion Five: Resources, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Randy Roebuck Executive Director, Technology/Institutional Effectiveness
Kent Irick Dean, Aviation Programs
Colin Gallagher Safety and Security Coordinator, Adjunct Faculty
Dawn Brown Faculty, Aviation Maintenance

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