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Placement & Wage Data

Below you will find historical placement and average wage data from WSU Tech graduates. The information provided reflects the employment placement rate of 2018 WSU Tech graduates in Career and Technical Education programs. Placement is defined as students self-disclose that they are either employed in a field related to their program of study, continuing their education, or military. Other data may be obtained from the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. For more information, please visit

ProgramPlacement PercentageAverage Hourly Wage
Aerospace Coatings & Paint *100%$12.39
Aerospace Manufacturing *100%$14.36
Architectural Design Technology *83.3%$23.00
Assembly Mechanic *84.9%$14.36
Automotive Service Technology *75%$11.93
Aviation Maintenance Technology – Airframe *96.8%$20.49
Aviation Maintenance Technology – Powerplant *92.7%$21.78
Aviation Maintenance Technology – AAS *95%$23.43
Construction Science *100%$14.70
Climate & Energy Control Technologies *76.5%$20.96
ProgramPlacement PercentageAverage Hourly Wage
Composite Technology *91.7%$18.33
Electronics Technology *100%$22.00
Engineering Design Technology *83.3%$11.75
Industrial Automation *72.7%$16.53
Information Technology *83.3%$13.54
Machining Technology *72.5%$13.38
Nondestructive Testing/Machine Maintenance & Reliability *69.2%$19.34
Robotics *85.7%$13.50
Welding *76%$14.69

* This data comes from the Graduate Placement Report for the 2018 graduating cohort. The overall rate (out of contacted) of students who were employed in a related field, continuing their education, or full-time military was 86.0%. The overall contact rate for these graduates was 72.4% – meaning we were able to obtain information through a survey (slightly more than 50%) or enrollment-related data (slightly more than 20%).  Students were only counted once in each category – employed related being the first they would be counted in followed by continuing ed, etc.


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