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What is the FutureMaker Mobile Learning Lab?

WSU Tech and Goodwill Industries of Kansas, Inc. worked together to develop the FutureMaker Mobile Learning Lab to allow middle/high students and adult learners alike to have the opportunity to experience the thrill of hands-on, interactive learning in “high-demand technical fields” as identified by the Kansas Department of Commerce.  The goal of this mobile lab is to educate Kansans by bringing these in-demand careers to their doorsteps through the use of technology.  In this mobile lab students will experience actual and virtual tools that are used in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers identified as high-demand throughout Kansas and the United States. The lab will capture the interest of all ages through exploration of STEM education using virtual reality, information technology and hands-on experiences and challenges.  This exploration of technical careers will ultimately lead more Kansans into career pathways such as Aviation, Advanced Manufacturing and Health Sciences.

future maker mobile lab

What will the students learn?

The FutureMaker Mobile Learning Lab consists of a 40-foot trailer that travels throughout the state of Kansas. We bring the entire rig to your school, and setup both inside the trailer and a designated classroom.  Once setup onsite, students participate in a variety of interactive activities focusing on high-demand STEM career fields. Students use equipment such as a virtual welder to simulate metal repairs/fabrication, a virtual painter to get a sense for aviation/automotive commercial coatings, and actual tools used in the fabrication of aircraft. The lab also carries a set of zSpace 3D computers which provide students a virtual learning environment in which to do experiments and challenges. These computer stations contain programs related to various science subjects which allow students to virtually dissect, wire, build and explore STEM topics in immersive 3D. (See the computers, programs and curriculum at zspace.com.)

How does it work?

The FutureMaker Lab is a complete package providing exploration in the world of STEM brought right to you! We offer service to middle and high schools, as well as for community events relating to STEM subjects.  Teachers and event coordinators can schedule a visit by contacting the lab manager after looking at our availability calendar at the bottom of this site.  Prior to confirmation of your appointment, a visit guide will be sent to you outlining the details and requirements for participation.  After arrival onsite, 3D computers will be brought into the school for part of each group to explore STEM in 3D.  Each session can accommodate up to 24 students, and a typical session is 80 minutes long, though we are happy to work with you to create a customized program to meet your needs.

We would like to thank our generous sponsors for partnering with us to present this incredible program to communities across Kansas:


Spirit AeroSystems

Westar Energy

Textron Aviation

Please note: We are currently working on curriculum resources for teachers to integrate our program into larger lessons in order to ensure students receive the most benefit from the visit.  These resources will be offered on this site as they become available, and can be used both before, and after our visit to your school.

Future Maker Mobile Lab

The Mobile Learning Lab will initially introduce students to selected high-demand career paths that they may not be aware of, or considered an option for further study.  These paths include topics in:

Ready to learn more?

Contact Program Manager, Shea Zuckerman