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WSU Tech – Employability Skills Training

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In this workshop, you will learn and practice skills of positive attitude, delayed gratification, work ethic, and personal responsibility.

WSU Tech recognized the need to augment technical skills with highly valued employability skills (or soft skills) to ensure that those who attain the job, retain the job once they enter in the professional environment. WSU Tech is working to change the conversation that centers on workforce employability by seeking to provide instruction and training in areas positioned on character development and workplace ethical standards that have previously been described as innate or all together not present in otherwise qualified employment candidates. In this course, you will learn and practice skills of positive attitude, delayed gratification, work ethic and personal responsibility.

o Recognize an attitude of gratitude and the impact it has on job satisfaction.

o Articulate the ways in which showing gratitude can foster relationships and lead to new opportunities.

o Differentiate between an outcome based on creating mutual benefit and an outcome based on an unprincipled process.

o Identify the difference between the pursuit of happiness and being guaranteed happiness.

o Connect individual responsibility to the pursuit of happiness.

o Recognize that different jobs and different experiences are opportunities to develop a diverse toolkit that will aid in long term success.

o Distinguish that progress is incremental, and they have the agency to build it.

o Describe how internal barriers can be created.

o Differentiate between following their passion and bringing their passion.

o Relate that being open to different tasks and experiences will distinguish them in the workforce.

o Connect choice to consequence and apply reality to their choices and outcomes.

o Describe a mindset of gratitude will empower their success in an unfair world