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WSU Tech – Basic Blueprint Reading Workshop

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Nov. 19-22  |  12pm-4pm each day

Learn a systematic approach to read and interpret blueprints.

This workshop is an introduction to reading and interpreting blueprints. Topics include blueprint views, lines, dimensions and tolerances and blueprint symbols. Working in an interactive environment with the support of an expert instructor, participants’ learn a systematic approach to reading blueprints.

  • Discuss the basic concepts associated with blueprints
  • Utilize a production drawing in the shop
  • Identify terminology common to blueprints and their relationships
  • Compare and contrast the elements of blueprint views
  • Interpret blueprint lines
  • Identify dimension and tolerance on blueprints and it application
  • Interpret common GD&T symbols on a blueprint
  • Interpret common fastener symbols on a blueprint
  • Interpret common aircraft symbols on a blueprint