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2019 SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference

Architectural Drafting – Jeremy King Advisor James Spears – 7th Place Automated Manufacturing – Michael Corby/Jeremy King Advisor Team of Stephen Frazier, Benjamin Light, Jason Nelson – Bronze Medal 3rd place Aviation Maintenance – Dawn Kealey Advisor Ethan Coberly – 4th Place David Tarleton – 6th Place CNC Milling Specialist – Michael Corby Advisor [...]

2019 SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference2019-07-08T09:49:05-05:00

Building Bridges to Careers

What happens when a group of young women visit a WSU Tech campus to spend the day exploring career pathways in construction, climate and energy control technologies, and other career options that are typically male-dominated fields? Watch the videos below to find out! Hear from the students... [...]

Building Bridges to Careers2019-04-18T11:19:31-05:00

It’s official: WATC will become the WSU Campus of Applied Sciences and Technology

“This is an exciting day for education in Wichita and the state of Kansas. A strong partnership between WSU Tech and WSU has existed for many years through collaborative efforts like the National Center for Aviation Training, the Shocker Pathway associate of arts degree, and WSU Old Town. Now with a formalized affiliation, [...]

It’s official: WATC will become the WSU Campus of Applied Sciences and Technology2019-03-28T10:40:10-05:00

Watch Kyle’s Story: Life Changes and a New Career

"I'll be able to start my new career thanks to WSU Tech." Kyle realized the importance and need for skilled workers in today's rapidly changing workplace. He turned to WSU Tech for the training he needed in order to start a new career in industrial automation and machine maintenance. [...]

Watch Kyle’s Story: Life Changes and a New Career2018-11-13T12:13:41-05:00

Watch Michael’s Story: Providing For His Family

"The number one goal I had was to just get out into the workforce and make a good living." Michael wanted a to join the workforce and earn a comfortable wage that would provide for his family. He found the training he needed to land his first job as a [...]

Watch Michael’s Story: Providing For His Family2018-11-13T12:11:30-05:00

Watch Marlana’s Story: “I’m Superwoman”

"My number one goal was to get a better job." Marlana wanted a career, not just a job. With her family depending on her, she turned to WSU Tech for training and help in achieving her academic and career goals. Her story of dedication, hard work and persistence is one [...]

Watch Marlana’s Story: “I’m Superwoman”2018-11-13T12:09:08-05:00

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Beard Care2018-09-26T17:02:48-05:00

Associate of Applied Science in Wichita

  Getting an associate of applied science degree in Wichita is probably easier and more affordable than you might think. WSU Tech offers over 100 programs of study to choose from and is one of the most cost-effective options when choosing a college to attend. Associate of Applied Science The job market is more competitive than [...]

Associate of Applied Science in Wichita2016-01-05T08:42:31-05:00

Have a GED and college dreams?

Going to college with a GED Is a GED enough to get me into college? You may be asking yourself that question if you are one of the over 400,000* people per year who complete and pass the GED test. If you have not yet completed your GED, there are options to get you started [...]

Have a GED and college dreams?2019-04-18T13:07:21-05:00

Best Online College Courses

Here's a quick and easy guide to choosing the best online college courses and finding the best online college courses for high school students. Choosing an online college Online colleges in Kansas are an excellent option for pursuing your degree. Most schools by now are offering courses online. So how can you decide which is the [...]

Best Online College Courses2015-11-18T11:49:12-05:00

Two Year College vs Four Year College

Choosing between a two year college and a four year college can be tricky. Why would someone choose a two year college vs. a four year college? It all depends on your educational and professional goals. Let's look at some advantages of both. Two Year College A two year college can provide you a great option [...]

Two Year College vs Four Year College2015-11-12T09:47:24-05:00

Affordable College- Transferable General Education

While many people seek affordable alternatives for college, they don't always think of a technical college as a viable option for beginning their college coursework. Although we do not have "community college" in our name, Wichita Area Technical College offers many of the same benefits a community college offers: Transferable courses in English, math, humanities, social sciences and sciences Affordable tuition (comparable [...]

Affordable College- Transferable General Education2019-04-15T09:38:05-05:00

Jet AirWerks, Jet AirParts invest in regional workforce development by establishing aviation scholarships at the National Center for Aviation Training

WICHITA, Kan. – An upstart aviation repair station and material sales company is already giving back to the region in which it operates. Jet AirWerks, LLC and Jet AirParts, LLC, founded in Arkansas City in 2007 and 2011, awarded a $2,000 scholarship for aviation training this week with another $2,000 on the way. The company’s [...]

Jet AirWerks, Jet AirParts invest in regional workforce development by establishing aviation scholarships at the National Center for Aviation Training2015-08-27T15:28:02-05:00

Business College

Choosing the right business college can be difficult. It seems that every college and university has different business college majors with it's own set of business college classes. So how do you choose? It is important to do research, visit several colleges and ensure that the business college courses align with your desired career. Business [...]

Business College2015-08-19T13:42:34-05:00

WATC announced Airbus donation and new Workforce AID project

Airbus unveiled its donation of an A320 elevator valued at nearly $500,000 Kansas Department of Commerce invested $182,960 as part of a new Workforce AID partnership to train 70 employees for Spirit AeroSystems WICHITA, Kan. – Two of WSU Tech’s major partners demonstrated their strong support for technical training in Wichita. Airbus and the Kansas Department [...]

WATC announced Airbus donation and new Workforce AID project2015-08-14T16:38:42-05:00

Associate of Arts

Earning an Associate of Arts degree is an affordable way to prepare for a great job that pays well. Now WSU Tech offers a convenient way to take online classes in Wichita and start or complete your two-year degree just as you would at any of Kansas’ best community colleges. AA Degree Options When choosing [...]

Associate of Arts2015-08-06T10:25:19-05:00

Transfer Credits

Transfer credits to Wichita State University Students can start at WSU Tech and transfer credits to Wichita State University. We offer the Shocker Pathway as a new, seamless options to transition students from their associate of arts degree to a Bachelors degree. Transfer to Wichita State WSU Tech is part of the Kansas Board of [...]

Transfer Credits2015-08-05T12:11:25-05:00

Community College

When you think of WSU Tech, you probably don't think of a community college. However, WSU Tech offers a lot of the same coursework as just about any typical community college in Kansas. Two-year college in Wichita WSU Tech is a two-year college that offers technical training and schooling in many different areas of study. We [...]

Community College2015-08-05T09:20:11-05:00

Best Aviation Maintenance Technology Schools

The AMT program at WSU Tech works hand-in-hand with local aviation industry experts to prepare Aviation Maintenance Technicians for a high demand AMT career. The AMT degree offered teaches students both Airframe and Powerplant skills. Upon completion of the AMT program and pass the exam administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), students will become [...]

Best Aviation Maintenance Techno