When you a looking for help choosing a career path, where do you go? Asking a friend or family member for help when choosing a career path is one way. Another option is to speak with a career counselor. At WSU Tech we have a Career Services department that can help assist students in determining what career path they want to go into.

“I had no idea what career was best for me. I decided to check out WSU Tech’s career services page and found the My Next Move tool. This tool showed me that I am suited for a career in  interior design. WSU Tech helped me choose a career path and now I am taking interior design classes and working with the career services department to find and internship and a future job when I graduate” – Jordan, Current WSU Tech student

Choosing a career path 

How should you go about choosing a career path? First consider what interests you. Do you like to work with your hands? Do you think you would be happy sitting at a desk most of the day? Choosing a career path for high school students can be difficult and scary. There are many career options. Outside of what interests you, it is important to align it with our values, consider what the job demand is and be sure you have the skills or can acquire the skills to work in that career.

How to choose a career path? 

Are you wondering what career path you should take? There are many career quizzes and career tests on the internet to help an individual choose a career path. Some things that you may want to take in consideration are the location to where you can get the job, job hours, salary, growth potential, future demand, competitiveness and of course, what type of education is required for this type of a career. The WSU Tech Career Services department can help with career planning, academic decisions, strategies for employment and more.  My Next Move is a free career interest, skills and values assessment tool which gives access to career planning resources needed to prepare for lifetime careers.

Career paths at WSU Tech 

What career paths are available? Career paths at WSU Tech include Aviation, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Police Science, Business, Technology and Design. Finding a career in one of these fields first begins with getting the necessary training. This can range from an associate of applied science, which typically takes 2 years, or a technical certificate, which can be earned in a year or less.  With the addition of the Shocker Pathway at WSU Tech this gives students the opportunity to pursue a career path that requires more education than an associates degree or technical certificate. With guaranteed to transfer general education classes and the ability to complete the last 15 credit hours of their study at Wichita State University (WSU) students have more of an opportunity to pursue a career that requires a bachelors degree or higher by starting at WSU Tech.

Career Services at WSU Tech 

The WSU Tech Career Services department is here to assist students, recent graduates and alumn. They can help with determining a career path, developing strategies for job searches, creating resumes, cover letters and even help prepare for interviews so you can get the job you deserve. For jobs and resumes current students, alumni and even employers can register with College Central Network to post resumes and job openings. Career Services can also help get your foot in the door with internships Internships are opportunities for students to strengthen skills, build relationships with employers and gain experience. Employers can benefit from receiving a dedicated, energetic labor-force that has flexibility and innovative ideas. To set an appointment for counseling regarding career planning, academic major choices, employment search strategies, and graduate or professional school aspirations contact:

Monica Stewart
Senior Director Strategic Innovations