WATC-WSU Tech cobranded logos

Frequently Asked Questions

What will Wichita Area Technical College’s new name be?
Officially, WATC will be called the Wichita State University Campus of Applied Sciences and Technology. We understand this is a long name so we will go by WSU Tech.

Will the website change?
Yes. The new website will be wsutech.edu. We plan to launch this site spring of 2018.

Will WSU Tech's tuition be the same as Wichita State University's?
No. The affiliation will not have an affect on tuition. WSU Tech and Wichita State University will continue to have different tuition rates.

Will student and faculty uniforms change?
Yes. The logo will change from WATC to WSU Tech. Current students will not be required to purchase new uniforms.

Do WSU Tech students get event/sport passes?
Yes, if students elect to pay Wichita State University’s student fees. Wichita State University students pay student fees that allow them to receive discounts or passes to Wichita State University events. In an effort to keep our classes affordable, WSU Tech has no plans to require these fees at this time.

What will my diploma say?
Degrees awarded before July 1, 2018, will be from Wichita Area Technical College. Degrees awarded after July 1, 2018, will be from WSU Tech / Wichita State University Campus of Applied Sciences and Technology.

Is Wichita State University taking over WATC?
No. Wichita State University and WSU Tech will remain two separate degree-granting institutions who have a similar name and a formalized affiliation to allow for more collaborative work.

Can I take classes at Wichita State University and WSU Tech at the same time?
Yes. Students may be able to continue to take classes at both schools. Students will have to go through the admissions processes at both WSU Tech and Wichita State University and will want to consult with financial aid about their options if they are using federal aid.

Where will I take my classes?
Classes will remain at one of WSU Tech’s campuses.

Where will I get my books?
Students will still be able to get books at the bookstores located at one of WSU Tech’s campuses or through a third-party vendor (depending on the book).

When submitting my FAFSA will I list Wichita State University as the school code?
No, WATC will maintain their current school code, 005498, but as of July 1st our official name will be changed on the FAFSA to Wichita State University-Campus of Applied Science and Technology.

Will WSU Tech still offer general education classes?
Yes. WSU Tech will continue to offer the same degree and certificate options WATC does now, this includes transferable general education courses.

Is the Shocker Pathway going away?
No. The Shocker Pathway will remain the same.

Will admissions requirements change?
No. WSU Tech will maintain WATC’s open admission policy.

Will I apply for admissions through Wichita State University?
No. If you are taking classes through WSU Tech, students will apply for admissions on wsutech.edu just as they did on watc.edu.

Will there be an application fee?

Will the programs/curriculum change?
WSU Tech will continue to offer the same degree and certificate options WATC currently offers but will continue to develop programs based off of industry need.

Will classes from WSU Tech and WSU be combined on one transcript following the affiliation?
No. WSU Tech and Wichita State University will maintain separate academic records and will continue working together to ensure ease of transferability between institutions.

How will students order transcripts and/or duplicate awards when WATC becomes WSU Tech?
Students will continue using the same transcript and duplicate award ordering process. Visit the website or complete a paper request in-person at one of WSU Tech’s main campuses.

Will WATC employees work for Wichita State University?
Not at this time. Employees of WATC will become employees of WSU Tech. In the next few years, we will be exploring the possibility of WSU Tech employees becoming employees of Wichita State University.

Will anything change for high school technical education students?
No. High school students will still have the opportunity to take free tuition technical classes while they are in high school from WSU Tech.